March 8, 2010

Interactive type design as exploded.  A lot of bad things have taken place, and now my entire group has disbanded and given up.

We have spent 3 days this week up at new campus until 7 am. We spend that time staring at sensors, typing code, pressing reset, and removing and replacing different colored wires. Dipti and Palash spent a lot of time with us, Palash is the most patient man I have ever known, and answered questions from everyone, calmly and efficiently.

There were ups- like when we found out the sensors didn’t work due to the heat, for starters. A pleasant evening when Mahima and I went to Little Chef with Dipti and Palash and got food cooked and served outside of the mess..

There were downs- the screaming bouts, the disrespect, the tardiness, and the failure.

There were ups- today, when the class ended. Today, when we got our project working and set up, when we got our project working and set up in a way that no one noticed the “dirty” tables. Today, when Babs-bubbar-mrinalini-and I went to the market for delicious Chaat, fresh juice, a walk, and a coconut…

The end of a five week class that I thought had incredible potential.

Tomorrow, Rustam and Matt for illustration. (Editorial illustration…?) Given I am completely incapable of drawing in the least, this should be interesting.


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Feb 9 2010

One class for twelve hours.

9 am till 9 pm in the same classroom, was a lot. Or else I just think it is a lot since an actual class period is generally much shorter. Never do I stop working when class finishes, and I work much longer than 12 hours most days, given it is in the luxury of my home, or the library.

We had two critiques, one at 1:30, the other at 7:30. This was much better than usual, in that instead of having to critique as a class, we did it in small groups with the professors, which let everyone else keep working. I like my direction and they seemed to, as well. I have been playing all day with particle explosions, glows, and lens flares.

When class ended, I refused to reopen after effects. The point of the long class was so we would go home without work. I hung out with Mimansa for the night. We both sat up doing work and talking in her room which was really nice. The house was quiet and empty except for us-which was conducive to work-finally!

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