House #97

House #97 has been having some issues.

Last week was brutal on the house. I got home from an exhausting day of arduinos, IR’s, and failure to be welcomed by…

1-refrigerator. Melting. I actually could relate to this, with the heat of the Indian sun and breath taking temperatures the envelope my body even when indoors.

1- shower that still remained lightless. A concrete cell with a shower spout, now thrown into complete darkness with the closing of the door. Sacrifice privacy or visibility…or cleanliness- your call.

2-broken toilets-out of the two working toilets we once possessed.

Only, none of this is really an issue, and nothing seems too disruptive. One notices such a thing, steps over the puddle, and goes back to bed. Or walks from one toilet to the other, with increasing frusteration- turns around and goes back to working.

We have been having a grand reappearance of coackroaches these days, and thousands and thousands of ants. Tons of stories circulate about Macs that had been left on a desk for a few days, and broken when the owner returned. At the apple store, upon dissection, an aunt colony discovered.

While I brushed my teeth this evening, I pressed a switch and was excited to find that a once useless light- NOW had a working lightbulb. This was great, in that it allowed my focus to shift to the corner of the room, where there were a number of aunt colonies. Who knew- lots of happy “fellows” here in House #97.


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