In the freezing drizzle of an early summer morning, I was greeted by Idly and Emu, two girls who would show me around Prague! During the day, they worked, and I went out to explore Old town on my own.

It was grey and rained all day, but the place was incredible. I found a market and I found the astronomical clock, where tourists gathered in masses every hour, to watch a skeleton ring a bell, and a man play a horn. I wandered for many hours, just staring at the incredible buildings, and finally finding a place to sit down for a few hours and drink some coffee. The coffee is very expensive here, 55 crowns for a cappuccino, (beer starts at 27 crowns).I found the Charles Bridge, which was also packed with tourists, producing a stream of brightly colored umbrellas.

In the evening, Idly and went out to a huge club that was five stories tall. It had five different kind of clubs-one floor was playing oldies, another was playing popular beyonce, rhianna, etc, there was a techno floor, and I don’t know the others! It was packed, and everyone spoke a different language. I have never heard so many languages in one place. We were there till about three in the morning and then wandered around the city until sunrise in search of our metro home. It was great, and we slept in till 1pm the next day.

The next day we went out to explore some more. We went walking, and explored the castle-which was incredible. The view of the city with the red roofs and amazing steeples, was breathtaking, and the church is an enormous gothic style structure with gargoyles all over. We had all day to explore, and found ourselves at an italian place for dinner-where we met Ola (in the picture below). The three of us took the metro to the beer fest.

Now, I have never been to a beer fest, but this was hilarious. People were dancing wildly on the dance floor and on nearby tables, there were a lot of men falling down, and women dressed as beer maids, serving everyone. Conveniently right out side, there were carnival rides like the zipper and lots of spinning tides that would definitely make one sick after consuming all sorts of beer inside the tents.

We stayed just for an hour or so and ventured onwards to a smaller cocktail bar to sit and talk for a while longer before heading for the metro, and home. We spent  last day, again wandering the city and going out for dinner.

Every where I went in Prague, I was amazed. The stone roads, and gigantic buildings, the red roofs, and the seven bridges, the well dressed people. and the tram lines, everything (except the gray weather), has been incredible. People are out all night long, literally all times of the day and night, the metro is bustling, and people are out. The smell of sausage lingers near tram stations, where small fast food like joints are placed selling meat and beer.

(they had fruit and vegetables-it was great)

I have to keep it short- I have a bus leaving in an hour for Olomouc, where I stay until the 20th. May 20th- I take a bus to Brno, then to Budapest, where I will be until I fly to vienna on the 25th until the 28th, then to Athens!


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