Already- I am leaving Chennai!

I have spent the last ten days with Rima in Chennai. We stayed at her house for most of the break, but took a small trip of our own to pondie and Auroville. Pondicherry was amazing. The two of us woke up early and jumped on a bus. We fell in and out of sleep, while we watched the ocean pass us by. Upon arrival, we found out that the hotel we had booked for a 225 rs room, had given that room away and now we were stuck with no room or a 450 rs room. We ended up taking the room after hearing there was and that everything was closed. We only partially believed it. 

They showed us the room, white, and clean. We set down our things and went out to see where exactly we were and what we could find. Turned out-the man at the hotel was right, EVERYthing was shut-and we were hungry. We made a few stops before returning to the hotel where I filled up on my four baby bananas, and Rima, her four baby bags of chips. We sat and chatted for a few hours, until we fell asleep for a bit. In the evening, we were up and out the door. We shopped around a bit and while walking down the street, they heard drums. Alyssa ran out the door of the store they were looking in, and found an elephant leading a procession through the street. Elephants really do roam the streets-accompanied-but they roam none the less 🙂

We planned to leave the following day, just look around Auroville, and head out, however when we decided just to ask-about accommodations, we were shown amazing photos and agreed to spend another night…which turned into two nights. Our new guest house was incredible in and of itself. THe location was extremely peaceful and laid back, and we were in heaven. 

We spent the night writing, reading, and chatting. In the night, after falling asleep, I watched the fan turn off, and then all of a sudden the heat was unbareable and that was the end of sleep for the night. This was the only downside-everything else was incredible! We just happened to pick the worst-weather-time of year to come. 

After two days of peace and quiet, relaxation, wandering, and sleep, we returned to chennai. 

Rima’s sister, Megha had arrived and the three of us went out to a Spanish Tapas restaurant. Over the last few days, we saw, “how to train your dragon”, went to a place called “ID” short of Idly-dosa-which was incredible, we went out for fancy dessert afterwards, as well. They dressed me in a saree and we all went out for food. I bought my own saree, and their mom taught me how to wear it. We stood in the living room while I practiced wrapping this incredibly long material around myself before looking to her for approval. I watched and learned how to cook a number of dishes, which I will surely forget before my return home, and talked with her grandmother about her life. 

Today, I get BACK on the train (which I am really excited about) to Yelahanka (slightly less exciting). I get in at 10 and will hopefully see some people, repack my bag and box, ship something off with fedex, and be off by tomorrow night! Crazy, that this is coming to an end. As sad as I am to leave India, knowing I will come back coupled with the my excitement for the following weeks in Europe, help numb it. A new adventure now!


May 5, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Sandra replied:

    Sounds like you are having a ball! Planting season here. Miss you. Love, Sandra

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