By 11am, I had already had an amazing day. 

4 am-wake-up call-I waited and waited for the cab to arrive, and did so about 40 minutes late. In the dark, I walked down the road to meet him, got in, and we were on our way to the railway station. As of today I had not taken a train in India, and was extremely excited to do so. We pulled up to a huge mass of people. People with bags walking in, walking out, and people asleep all over the floor. I asked how to get to platform seven, and found it with ease. I double checked that this was the right train, found my boggie/compartment, and was pleased with how many shops were nearby. I bought a coffee as the train slowly crept up to meet us. 6 am on the dot. We all got on to a compartment with AC. The isles were huge, a person would not even need to move his or her legs for someone to slide by. I sat down and closed my eyes. 

When I opened my eyes, I found a cup of steaming coffee, biscuits, carmel candies, a huge water bottle, and today’s  newspaper. I looked out the window, and found that we were already moving, and the sun was rising above the clouds in a beautiful orange, pink sunrise. Next to me, a young woman with a baby girl atop her lap. This young girl wore a small pink dress, and had a purple barbie clip holding her hair back. One seat over, was the young girls brother, and across the isle from him, their father. 

I stared out the window and fell in and out of sleep. I was constantly being handed things. After coffee, came breakfast-I could recognize what all the food was supposed to be based on the breakfasts I have eaten here. All our tickets told the man what kind of meal, veg, non veg, etc. After breakfast, more coffee, and an hour or so later, juice. I love the train here.

When we pulled into the station, the intense humidity greeted me immediately. With greater speed than Rima running towards me, even. She and her dad came to pick me up and we walked through the station out to the car, and drove back to their place. I met her mother, grandmother, and her home. 

From there, we had a relaxing day. Dosas!! shopping, and lunch! I took a beautiful nap and we made aloo parathas with her mom. (Chipati-esque with potatoes inside).

This is relaxing. To have no deadlines, no work…

and a coconut brought home for me by rima- only good things over here


April 26, 2010. Uncategorized.

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