Bangalore as I know it

Today is my last day in Bangalore-as I know it.

 We went to dinner together, to the market, and had a small gathering atop the kitchen counters. The strangest part, my first goodbye. Goodbye to someone I won’t see for at least a year and a half. It feels like any other day, we will hang out tomorrow, get juice, chaat, coffee. We will walk down the street while I talk nonsense using lots of body motions, and things will be normal. How strange.

Tomorrow, the cab comes at 4:30 am in time for my 6 am train. This will be the first time on a train! Excited, yet fairly confident I will be sleeping for the entirety of the trip, I spent the evening packing and procrastinating packing-with juice, chaat, jalebi-the works.

I never tried jalebi at home. (The orange spiral candy). It concerned me, the color, the fact that I had no idea WHAT it could be made of… but in the market of Yelahanka, Bangalore, a man sets up every evening, two huge vats of unknown liquids of a thick consistency. He uses a rag with batter inside it and a slit in the corner to draw the spirals in the vat of liquid that sits above an angry flame. The batter hardens, and he flips them. The first one he picks out of the liquid, he circles around the flam before feeding it to the fire. With that done, he begins his evening routine, while an impatient crowd forms.

Tomorrow, I go to Chennai. I have been invited to stay with Rima  for a few days before heading on to Pondicherry. Rima will say goodbyes from here, and I will have almost a week to relax there on my own. From there, I head to Amsterdam and who knows where for a period of three weeks before meeting mike in Greece for the last two weeks of traveling before returning home.

The last few days, there has been incredible rain. Wild wind followed by rainstorms and thunder. It cools the whole place down, and creates excitement in the people and animals. I have been able to play in the water for the last few days, I love my warm rain.

Yesterday morning, as I walked out the door on my way to the mess, I heard an unfamiliar noise. It began to sound like an instrument and as I looked down the road, I saw two men and two cows. The cows were decorated in all sorts of fabrics, bells and such. The two men blowing into long tube like instruments. What a lovely way to start ones day.

No words yet-

it still feels like another school night in Bangalore. Which has become “normal”. When-at home-would, “just another day of school” be one  in yelahanka, Bangalore, where I pass cows roaming the streets, men ironing clothes on carts parked on the side of the road, coconut water being consumed through straws, and aggressive autos flying by-be normal?

Weird how quickly we adapt.


April 24, 2010. Uncategorized.

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