April 8, 2010

Another full day of class-full day followed by full night.

A few of us stayed at new campus to do packaging work. We found ourselves distracted for a few hours, in search of food and ice cream before sitting back down at our computers. Productive and exhausting, I came home around 7:30 am to nap for a few hours before returning to class…

Benny’s foot is getting better- stitches came out today and walking will occur very shortly. (She stepped on a broken glass).

I have found it unfortunate and unstoppable, the counting down pf days-and I leave India in less than a month, how strange.

The heat here is incredible-I feel as though I say this often, yet when the power goes out-many times a day-and the movement of air once powered by the fans ceases to cool our skin, you feel it.

Literally, you feel sweat forming into droplets that then roll down your skin-while you are sitting still- it’s hot.

My dreams lately have been very different than normal, I even had a crazy nightmare the other night that resulted in my invasion of mimans bed. Very strange.

Really good news- I will be going to Kerala on Saturday the 10th of April for a week to do an independent study. Lots to do before then, but I can’t wait.

I have been enjoying my share of juice and street food these days. I have indulged many times during the trip thus far, although now that the end is nearing- I am taking up opportunities I had once passed up without thinking twice.

This week, for the first time this entire trip, I have been asked by strangers how I like India. The first, was the bus conductor on the return trip from Goa. He actually looked at me, smiled, and WELCOMED me to India, partially joking and full of laughter as I boarded his 16 hour semi-sleeper. The second, was the man in the school supplies store, who told me pani puri (water balls if your a foreigner who asks Namisha about street food) is not good for your health- delicious none the less.

Birthdays!-Michael and Tim!!

Grandpa- funeral business. I have been getting emails about all the plans which I will be unable to attend, but it sounds like it will be really nice.  On top of all this, upsetting to me, is the thought that this could be the last time the whole Koucky family is together, and for such an event… I truly hope that this death does not extend deepen the crevices of the family he produced. One tragedy is enough, and it would only be easier for everyone if they could be together and be there for each other in times like these. I hope they prove my cynical predictions wrong.

Random thoughts- to wrap up the evening.


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