March 23, 2010

Last night, Rima and I had a night out. We deserved it. We went to town to the apple store. This store was located in a disgustingly over the top mall with versacci and louis vutton and all sorts of stores I should not even be allowed in. They ran some diagnostics on my computer only to tell me exactly what I told them-“it’s a battery problem”, but they were extremely friendly and pleasant-none the less. I did notice, however, that unlike the apple store in Chicago, the people running the store were dressed conservatively, no fancy colored hair, mohawks or piercings I can’t say I was surprised.

From there, we went for ice cream- natural ice cream, no artificial anything, and real fruit. It was incredible… a good appetizer before dinner a bit later. We explored and almost died crossing the street a few times… We went for South Indian food at an incredible place.

South Indies, in a hotel downtown Bangalore. This place was beautiful. Me and Rima, jeans, and backpacks, walked in and were treated no differently than had we walked in dressed in gowns, hair done up and the works. The service was wonderful and I ordered a…chutney marry which is similar to a bloody marry, only instead of tomato JUICE, they use tomato CHUTNEY- nice twist haha. Rima ordered a number of dishes, and we sat for a very long time enjoying the place. A rooftop place which was both open and closed. Open, in the sense of windows with no glass, just fresh air and the city. Closed in the sense that some of the windows were made of glass and were the pathway for a constant stream of running water. This place was wonderful, and without the fancy cocktail, dinner came to about 400 rps, about nine dollars.

Most importantly, I get to sit and talk with Rima and not think about time or work!

We grabbed an auto home and upon reaching Yelahanka, I walked up to house #97 and found the door standing open. I went in and started getting my things out to work… When I realized no one was there… and so I explored- just like they do in the scary movies that you watch and you yell at the girl for being stupid because you should never explore-right!?- anyways no one was around, so I locked the door on my way out and went back to find Rima. It was very creepy, but surprisingly, all the computers people had out and valuables they had sitting out, were left alone- I don’t think anyone even entered the house, I am more surprised we didn’t find any dogs inside.

Rima and I stayed up working for a long while before calling it a night

and falling asleep.

On a different note, the fact that I will be a senior in a few months is really scaring me, especially upon opening mail about my IP professors and such. I am 100% not ready to be in my last year of college. I like college, and I don’t know what I could possible dedicate one year of my time working on- project wise, I guess I don’t have a choice!


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