A few weeks ago, while I sat down to work at Cafe coffee day in Yelahanka (which I do rarely- but I needed to treat myself and really get some work done), I found this guy. Well, to be completely honest, he found me. He found me sitting at my computer stressed out and annoyed. He poked his head in, curiously as though he were surveying the situation and what potential consequences of his entrance would be. Watching him, I laughed out loud and looked around to see of other people noticed this, nothing. Conversation continued as normal, no one even gave a second glance.

It’s startling, the power of a cow on my mood these days.

Another moment like this occured while I walked to school. I spoke to my dad on the phone, and I say spoke but I mean-vented. I was really annoyed and a bit upset about the interactive design class- I was going going going, and I turned the corner to find a cow standing in a trash dump eating. Aboard his long long spotted back, sat a small bird. Again, I noticed a startling change in my mood, and with that, my complaints were done and my bad mood dissipated.


March 23, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Sandra replied:

    Sweetie – I think cows are females. You might want to double check this one! Love, Sandra

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