March 18, 2010

It has been a long while since I have written. This is partially due to the fact that with each day I don’t write, I feel as though the task grows enormously due to the catching up that now must be done.

I am taking a break from work and using blogging as a break.

We are in the last few days of our illustration class. Our last assignment consisted of working with a partner to create a magazine spread. Each of us acted as an art director for one article while the other was our illustrator and visa versa. The articles were different and I had a hard time telling another student to do work for me…it was strange, but a really good assignment.

The next assignment is our last for the class and due saturday. We have been working like crazy to accomplish SOMETHING presentable, and at this point (the 8:09 the night before it’s due), I can say it is going to be another long night. Not because I have been slacking, just because I have lots to do.

Lucky for me, and unlucky for my classmates, they are in the same boat and are at the school with me. Makes for a much nicer experience and a lot less lonely. Productivity is difficult at home when everyone is sleeping soundly in the dark and you are the only one up, this is a much safer option, the option of sleep means on a desk- not so comfortable.

(today is now the 20th)

We stayed up all night at new campus, a large group of us. Literally, I sat in front of my computer from 7 am until 1pm the next day, barely getting up for anything. Even having worked so much, I don’t like my project, so I will keep working on it after a take a small break.

Crits began around 2 and we got home around 7, it took forever, but it was nice to see the work and some people really did nice projects. Illustration is great, I just have to keep making projects for myself, or start sketching all the time to get in the habit…

Sorry it has taken so long to write! I have been super busy. In the last week, I worked a lot, and the weather has surprisingly cooled off. I will walk out the front door expecting to be slammed with the heat of the indian sun, and will find myself pleasantly greeted by a cool morning. Breakfast has been dosas and idly lately- which I much prefer to the chipati and curd… although I will eat it, I am not sure I will ever crave it.

The sugary milk of a coffee concoction that they served here as a source of caffeine is making me like my black coffee less-imagine that. Although- a really lovely discovery was putting a packet of via in one of the tiny coffee cups before I use the coffee machine at school- its my fix for strong coffee!

I went to the city at the beginning of the week and got to hang out with Gounder a bit. We ate a bunch of food and tried a bunch of new things (I did). I also asked for tons of explanations about food, and gender roles, and nose piercings, and everything i could think of. I consider time spent with Gounder, extremely educational.

On my bus ride home I saw a family on a moped, with the youngest girl in the front behind her father. She had fallen asleep, limbs hanging off the sides, head flat against a bag placed   the front of the bike. How this girl could sleep so soundly on a motorcycle speeding along the highway with four people on board…I will never know.


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