I found heaven

just behind that tree

Dear home,

8:30 am. The alarm has gone off so obnoxiously, so loudly, so repetitively, that you manage to pull yourself out from under the covers of your comfortable bed, place both feet upon the cool floor, and welcome another day. A shower to clean and awaken, brushed teeth for those you will encounter, clothes to express/to fit in/or to stand out, and breakfast to get you going. Lets not forget some sorta stimulant-americano, latte, expresso, tea, whatever it is that gets you through the first hour or so of your day…

While in this hour or so of your morning, while the light threatens the darkness just outside your windows, have you wondered-from where is the sun is coming?


India, the sun is just saying it’s final farewell to all the folks in the East in order to greet you this fine day. I have to say, the farewell ceremony, recognized by a vibrantly colorful sky, is more incredible over here than in Ann Arbor. Every time I witness a sunset here, I have to stop walking, working, talking, and stare



March 21, 2010. Uncategorized.

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