March 10, 2010


We have begun a new class- illustration with Rustam and Matt. I already love it. They make us sit in class and draw- all day long- which is exactly what I need to do. Rustam assigned each student a word and we had to produce 50 sketches based on the word. My word: work.

For homework, we were to pick  three to render. I went home and worked all night. I really loved this assignment, and illustrating, although have a lot of work to do before I am at all decent.

When I left class, I walked home debating on a coconut or a papaya… I happened to pass a friend who was buying chicken for dinner and I got to go inside and watch. A store front divided from the place of slaughter by a window similar to windows at a ticket office. The man doing all the work was standing on a metal crate. He held what was a bird in his left hand while he chopped it into small pieces on a huge tree trunk before piling it a bag and placing it in the hands of a purchaser.

That would be dinner tonight at Aunties.

We walked home, and said goodbye until dinner. In turning the corner and heading to my house, I ran into another friend, and agreed to go for a walk to get juice. This juice stand I had visited once in the past, the day Mahima, Emma, and I went to the hospital.

Day was transforming into night, and a young boy sat on the counter of the juice stand with a big glass much and a colorful straw. He had a “milk” mustache of sorts, and his mother stood near to keep him steady. We got Chikoo juice and sat on a bench watching people go by.

Evenings in Bangalore are incredible, early mornings too. The stretch from 8am-8pm, however, are intensely hot. The house is always hot, even when outside is cool, however we cannot really go out much after dinner.


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