March 8, 2010

Interactive type design as exploded.  A lot of bad things have taken place, and now my entire group has disbanded and given up.

We have spent 3 days this week up at new campus until 7 am. We spend that time staring at sensors, typing code, pressing reset, and removing and replacing different colored wires. Dipti and Palash spent a lot of time with us, Palash is the most patient man I have ever known, and answered questions from everyone, calmly and efficiently.

There were ups- like when we found out the sensors didn’t work due to the heat, for starters. A pleasant evening when Mahima and I went to Little Chef with Dipti and Palash and got food cooked and served outside of the mess..

There were downs- the screaming bouts, the disrespect, the tardiness, and the failure.

There were ups- today, when the class ended. Today, when we got our project working and set up, when we got our project working and set up in a way that no one noticed the “dirty” tables. Today, when Babs-bubbar-mrinalini-and I went to the market for delicious Chaat, fresh juice, a walk, and a coconut…

The end of a five week class that I thought had incredible potential.

Tomorrow, Rustam and Matt for illustration. (Editorial illustration…?) Given I am completely incapable of drawing in the least, this should be interesting.


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