March 5, 2010

Interactive type design is a never ending disaster.

Everyone in the group hates everyone else in the group, and no work results from any of our many meetings.

Two days this week we have spent the whole night at new campus, getting home between 6-7am, only to wake up and keep working. It has been a lot of work, frusterating work.

Last night we spent 4-5 hours trying to figure out why all the sensors we made that had once worked, no longer worked. One circuit continued working, which was curious, because they were all identical.

Around 3 we questioned the heat, and googled it. Just so happens- Infrared sensors work best in the cold and in heat can loose their sensitivity. Really!? We took the circuits upstairs outside on the terrace, where each one worked perfectly.

Lots to do, lots of hours.

I am constantly startled by how cool it is in the night. From about 3am-6am I would like to be in jeans and a long sleeved shirt. By 9 am- sunny and 90s until the sun begins lowering, and 6pm things begin to cool off.


March 7, 2010. Uncategorized.

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