Feb 22 2010







we got over it.

In the afternoon Mahima got a phone call by a mystery number, I watched her expression change and heard her say may name into the phone. My journal has been located- oh no- by a mysterious man’s voice who I would meet in the city tonight- it sounds much sketchier than it is- I promise (that’s to you parents). I met up with Kris and friends at Java City number 2 where we played Uno and I sipped on some coffee. I walked towards Tavern and found myself with a shot of wheat grass at the JusBooster juice place in front of Barton’s center-again. They are very friendly now that they know me, and I wondered who I could possibly meet and what would become of this. I had all fingers crossed, and was sure I would not like to stick around for conversation, assuming what I find to be so private, was now the knowledge of a complete stranger.

A young, Indian architect with long hair and a button down shirt approached me, asking my name. We got along really well and he told me about the discovery-

Apparently, he found this hard back black book just standing up and open in the amphitheater, flipping through the pages, he immediately realized what it was and turned to the back where he saw “Srishti”. Auntie’s son happened to be with him at the time, and saw a picture in the back. He recognized me (we had spent time talking at Aunties party a few weeks ago), they soon found Mahima’s number in the back. Exhausted, and attempting to get home and to bed, he threw it in his bag-only to find it this morning when he called Mahima, and we met up in the evening.

How ridiculous.

We sat at a café for awhile, before walking down the street to Pecos. We spent some time there, talking and eating and such. It was great, he shared similar interests and fascinating experiences.

Mahima and I rode home together, for work and sleep.


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  1. Sandra replied:

    Ah things have a way of working out don’t they?

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