Feb 21, 2010

Sunday pain.

Well… not completely. Upon arriving in House #97, I showered-dirt-everywhere. I have never been just so covered in dirt (I take that back-lacrosse) and attempted to stay cool for as long as possible. I made oatmeal with bananas and almonds along with via, which I enjoyed in my room before getting to work. Although I feel guilty for missing any Indian meal-breakfast, lunch, or dinner- that is a breakfast I must treat myself to every now and then.

I attempted to do some work but spent most of the day in and out of sleep, in and out of procrastination, in and out of useless tasks that at one point seemed important. I went for my journal, believing it a good idea, for generally, as I begin to touch the pen to paper, searching for the words to describe. This was a sour moment, the moment I reached in my bag-searching for the familiar rough texture of the hard back book that I had surely placed back into my backpack to find-nothing.

Startling- I am very private about my journals, and while writing in them I generally do so in a way that reading even one word over my shoulder-would be impossible. At fireflies, I pulled the journal out to draw a bit, and in doing so-lost it! The whole day I was a bit concerned (alright, that’s a lie, extremely concerned), imagining who could possibly be sitting around the journal, laughing, looking at drawings and pictures, wondering about the author. Sad- that the experiences of my first month and a half in India would no longer be in my possession.

Sleep-and nothing could wake me from it.


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One Comment

  1. Sandra replied:

    While it is sad that you misplaced your journal try to remember that you have many, many new experiences to yet write about. And while you do not physically have those experiences and memories they are still within you and are never to be lost.

    P.S. 9 inches of snow here today – where oh where is spring!

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