Feb 16, 2010

Having noticed overwhelming temperatures while walking home from school yesterday, I found myself searching weather.com to find out what exactly the temperatures were looking like. I knew it was hot, but I never thought I would be wearing jeans in the direct sunlight of a 90 degree afternoon.

Hot. The temperatures here are incredible, and the sun is of an intensity I have never experienced. Everywhere I go, I am hot, and the constant desire for a cold shower follows most of my thoughts. Everyone laughs, leaving me with comments of “Your here through April right? Hahahaha”.

Oh good. The Times of India reports that this is the second highest record for the month of February in thirty years! Also, apparently Bangalore’s climate is one of the nicest, and the weather and temperatures stay more comfortable than most of the country.

I will be setting my jeans aside and replacing them with harem pants and other loose fabrics for the rest of my time here (I can’t wait!).

We wasted a tremendous about of time today waiting for our professors to show up. This was frustrating, but I  began looking for a competition to take part in. The students in my class are doing a poster competition for one of our assignments, but the idea is perceptions of the West as someone not from the West. I am going to find a different competition to partake in.

After class I went to the city with friends. I took pictures of street food and we all sat and got coffee for a long while before heading out to indijoes. We hung out in a really nice plaza for a while before having to head home. We took a bus and then an auto, which took a very long time, but we made it.

Something I think is great;

if-while in an auto, one needs to turn around, instead of wasting time looking for the next exit which could be  many miles away, he simply turns the vehicle around, and drives the opposite direction on the shoulder of the road.

I love that.

home and to sleep


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