Feb 10, 201

Yesterday was similar to the rest of the week, in that we worked in class all day with two critiques. We got out of class around 5:30 today, however, which was a treat. There was a bit of drama and ranting that took place, and I took a lot of walks, to the bakery and such.

Otherwise, I sat like a “good” student working. We had an after effects session in the afternoon, and I walked home to an empty house. I listened to music and laid in my bed in between small bouts of productivity.

Today was special-I got mail! I got super colorful earplugs to stop insects from finding my ears in the night and Starbucks instant coffee-via (THANK YOU!).

At home, I’m not a huge fan of starbucks.I dont like the coffee that much, I dont like the fact that it’s a huge chain, and  that they have their own language for the different sized drinks.  I would almost always prefer Ambrosia, a small, much dirtier, much cheaper, tiny coffee shop locally owned and operated by what appears to be a close group of friends. However, while so far away from home, where things are so different, making a cup of coffee of a familiar label and taste, has its charm.
I can’t get over the color of these ear plugs-to be honest. They are brighter even than the pants Rima got me, and I wasn’t sure that was possible.

Yesterday was our usual ladies night, however, there was a birthday to celebrate. I had promised Auntie that I would stop by for dinner one day, and found out, when her house came into view, that tonight- was a good night for it- good timing! She was having a huge party for the graduating year. The trees surrounding the home had blue lights all over, and everything in the main room was moved so people could dance. There was tons of food and a drink of fanta and ice cream which tasted just like a creamsicle. It was amazing. There was a lot of dancing and delicious food. It was great. It was social as in everyone in the group was together and dancing. There were only few people on phones I noticed almost no cliques. Everyone sat down to eat together to eat. This was alos done in a way that included everyone present. There were no small clusters of small circles, it was one large circle. Auntie had us thank those who had worked all day to make this possible-which was really nice.

After dinner, we went to a birthday party, dress code- cmyk, rgb, or pixellated. It was held at a non-Umesh/Auntie apartment. We got there early and sat on the balcony watching people show up. There was a lot of dancing and conversation. The police came, which was a bit scary, but everything was fine when we handed over 500 rupees and turned down the music. When we finally left we did so in groups of 4-7, a boy in each group, hoping not to see any other people out at this hour.

I have really enjoyed observing behavior especially gender related. What girls and boys do and dont do, say and don’t say, wear and don’t wear. It has been hard to wrap my head around what is and is not acceptable for me to wear and do here. The segregation on the bus (not in a manner of superiority), for example, is so intriguing to me because it just does not exist at home. Last night, however, I left the party with a very different perspective. It was as though all the boys became protective and responsible for us. It was as though we suddenly had 12 older brothers, and it was comforting.

We walked home late, and went to bed.

It was a really nice day.


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