feb 08 2010

Somehow my days have gotten all messed up. This happens a lot.

Monday-terrible! I slept very well, and had breakfast in the mess- Idle and chutney-which is what I was REALLY hoping for! I then walked to school which was relaxing and a bit laid back for a short while. We worked with our groups, bounced ideas back and forth, yet with the completion of lunch-disaster.

We had critiques in small groups which went terribly because everyone had a different idea of what the assignment was, and the professors seemed a bit annoyed and tired (considering these meetings were taking at least an hour each). There were students presenting ideas involving a touch screen, others involving a simple on/off switch, etc, and a visiting professor who was playing dumb-literally-meaning LOTS of explanation time.

The meeting left most of us extremely discouraged and exhausted, only to find out that tomorrow we will be working from 9am-9pm in class with three landmarks. It is going to be painful, not to mention my roommates are having a bunch of people over tonight which means I will find myself displaced and at Rima’s.

I thought Arvind was being crazy having us code a website in two days, but my God!


February 8, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Sandra replied:

    Alyssa, I do not know what exactly you are working on but it sounds complicated. Keep your chin up it will all work out fine. Just take a couple of deep breaths and clear your mind for a bit. Remember you could be here with us expecting 6″ of snow tomorrow! Hope tomorrow goes better for you.

    Love you – Sandra

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