Feb 5 2010

First and foremost, sorry about the switch. I have an assignment to create a blog and instead of splitting my time and energy trying to keep two up, I decided I should just focus on making one. THAT is the explanation for the change.

Switching, however, was made extremely simple due to the ability to import posts from an old blog- EASY.

Friday, Feb 4

We had half a day of class, where we read some articles, talked about blogs, and our photo essays, and said fair well for the next two weeks. I went back to my house where all my housemates where having pasta on the roof. Umesh won’t let us get up on the roof, however, someone has left if open and we had a lovely time up there. It was refreshing to have a place outdoors which still felt like ours.

I did work for a long while before Emma and Benny went out. Mimansa and I continued to do work until we became hungry and ordered food. We ate in her bed and watched Romeo and Juliet. That movie…

Around 11:30 a group of people came over in preparations for a small birthday surprise for Tia. Rima had gotten a cake and had called everyone to come over so that when Tia came to pick her up, we had balloons, streamers, cake, and lots of friends. It was successful!

Saturday, we signed into class and then had the day to work. I did as much work as I could before heading into the city where I met Gounder and a friend (Tanya) at Hard Rock cafe where we ate lunch and talked for many hours. We spent the afternoon walking around MG road, Brigade Road, and Commercial street, and had a really good time! We got coffee, bangles, some clothes, stationary, lots of things before finding ourselves sitting on the steps of Java City-where I had met him the very first time I went to the city. We hung out here for a long time and I was introduced to all sorts of people. For hours, we sat and watched people pass, made conversation, met new people (to me), and just enjoyed our mellow afternoon. Mimansa met me, and after eating a bit, we went to tavern. I met more people (some of her friends), and we went to another place for a bit.

It was called Zeus. Low lighting, beautiful silver decorations and dim white lighting sporadically around the place. There were rooms made from glass walls with nice seating and televisions. A dance floor with flashing lights and dancing bodies, a relaxed area for sitting, drinking, and chatting, a smoking area, and these glass walled rooms. I really liked the place, however, it was late when we got there, and I was still carrying my backpack. Under different circumstances, I would have enjoyed myself a bit more.

We had a hard time getting out of there because one guy we were with knew the entire club. Finally, however, we wove our way through the masses of people leaving the clubs, people watching people leave the clubs, autos, cabs, beggars, and vendors to a vehicle which would be our ride home. Tonight, the cops were stopping every car that passed at checkpoints set up throughout the city. We usually pass them, however, I have never seen them stop a single car.

We made it home late, Mimansa and I, and went directly to bed.


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