Feb 06 2010

I woke up this morning at five am in hopes of going to a mysterious class, breakfast, and temple. I watched out the window for light to envelope the streets, but it took much longer than I had expected. As soon as the sky turned purple and I could distinguish the trees in greater detail outside my window, I grabbed my backpack and hit the road. It was FREEZING outside, which- for those of you in Michigan- will laugh at me- but I had no idea it got that chilly here. I was very happy I had brought a sweatshirt along. I waited with a few others at the bus stop for the impressive G9 green, bus to Mekri Circle. 11 Ruppees, and a seat near the window provided a nice view of the landscape in a new light. I ran into a friend from school on the bus, and got to chat for a good 15 minutes before he departed.

The bus pulled up to Mekri circle, and I jumped down, looking around for my ride. I found Gounder and we were off. I had no idea what to expect (this is a common theme). We first went to breakfast at a very local place which was bustling with people and was a really great experience. Dosa Masalas are always a good experience for me, though, and I intend to keep it that way. We also got a … donut-esque thing which was delicious and a mysterious dessert that is in someway related to the moon, AND COFFEE-always coffee.

From breakfast we went to this class. I, again, had no idea what to expect. We pulled up to what appeared to be an apartment. Here we climbed a few flights of stairs and found a room with a man dressed in white talking to a group of adults sitting on the floor on small mats and in front of small tables with books and notepads out. There was a sort of lecture and discussion taking place. It was interesting and a neighboring man let me borrow his book to read up a bit. I even got my  journal and pen out to write things down as they came up. Things that I did or didn’t agree with, things that I thought were interesting, and a few sketches. After the class there was a breakfast, which I had to decline due to the status of my stomach. A group of those from inside  now stood outside eating and talking.

We drove over to someone’s BEAUTIFUL house and we were greeted by an amazing pug dog who proceeded to chase his tail and lick the sky. He was incredible, and the family was so nice. They offered water and snacks and mellow conversation. We hung out there for awhile before saying goodbye and heading to a Hindu temple. We stopped at a few places and picked up a few more shirts before arriving.

The temple was incredible. The colors in themselves were so vibrant. We walked in, removed our shoes and after having set them aside, we washed our hands. We then found a puja (i think?) going on. There were flowers, what appeared to be prayers, etc. There were people in white and all the women wore sarees. I explored a bit and Gounder explained everything he could. We were given some sort of water in our hands to drink and then pat on our heads. Then we were given a plant which we ate leaves from, and a metal bowl which was briefly placed atop everyone’s heads. This is believed to be the (feet?) of God (Vishnu!?) touching you. It was extremely interesting. I soon noticed rows of people taking a seat on the floor all the way across the temple. It turns out a lunch is served to everyone in attendance. There was a rice dish and another sweet rice dish. The food was really great, and I successfully (that could be argued) finished the food with my fingers.

Rice. With my fingers. This is a huge development for me.

After the temple, we walked up the street and looked at wild fruits and vegetables- jack fruit!? I have never seen anything like that. We then explored another market which apparently is a super old market. We ran into a few russian tourists who were extremely friendly-we hit it off. I got back to Mekri, to the bus, and home for a nap and work!


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