Feb 3, 2010


Last night-ladies night at Tavern-my outlet
Mahima, James and I went in early and James and I went for food during her meeting. We went for him (hardrock cafe-steak), then we went for me (Indian coffee house-dosa and coffee) before reaching tavern.

There was Kris, Gounder, and Mamansa. No signs of Emma, Benny or Mahima. We hung out and talked for awhile. Gounder told me about his temple and I am going to try to go this sunday.

We then went to a five star hotel to dance and hang out until we had to go back to yelahanka. This place was beautiful-but we got scolded for putting our feet in the outdoor pool-which was silly. I danced for a really long time and met some people before joining Mimansa and Nitin at the pool.

We left around 11:30, since that is when everything closes, and we went to see Nitin’s studio. He’s a filmmaker with this huge house just for himself where he has his studio and a huge terrace. He painted the whole place, it is very cool!

Drove home-security guards gave us the key- and I stayed up till 3 working on my assignment. Then i gave up for some sleep, and got back up at 6 to finish. It was either that or not showing up. But not showing up… I couldnt make myself do it.

Class was long
(and it was a half day)
I took a really nice nap and started soaking garbanzos for hummus!
something to look forward to.

Last night I spoke with a woman (whose apartment I am in love with) whose from Oklahoma and has been living in India for eight years. She hasn’t gone home once since she moved here. I like her, and her apartment is like a tree house. I want to live there.

the five star hotel that housed Ice and our eventful evening
Hardrock cafe, is INSIDE a castle

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