Jan 20, 2010

I have been working like a crazy person.
BUT this is work I can handle because there are boundaries
theres a beginning and a clearly defined end-kind of
its all problem solving
none of this “go do a project-anything you want” business
which I appreciate because it means I have less decisions to make on what I should do for a project… and just work on the project.

Two nights ago more than half my class took me to the city for “real” Indian food. At the bus stop, however, we were discussing all the different kind of meat this place had so I decided maybe I should mention the vegetarian thing- everyone was startled and we had to change plans. We jumped on the huge G9 bright green bus which took us into the city. It was already dark but it was the first time I wasn’t worried about it.

We got tho Pecos and walked up three spiral staircases. There were posters on the walls and they were playing classic rock. We tried to squeeze into a booth-type arrangement, and soon relocated. There were more than 11 of us and we ordered a ton of appetizers, beer and eventually we all got dinner-dosas!
For 11 people to eat and drink good food and a lot of drinks, it cost 3000ish Rps, 60 dollars ish- total

it was a ton of fun and we took nice cabs home instead of rickshaws
🙂 I got home and stayed up-scared that when i went to bed I would have things in my ears again.

Yesterday-worked all day long in class and went home to do a ton more work. I ate at Umesh’s and hung out at Rimas for a bit before sleep.

Today- more of the same
work work work- and tonights supposed to be the most stressful night of this class?
I have ladies night to attend tonight!
Two of them- whats he thinking

We got the entire class to come to Garkana- assuming they can get bus tickets.
Arvind (teacher) too!
If this works out, than I….
it will be amazing!!!


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