Jan 17, 2010

This weekend wasnt much of a weekend. My one day off, I got permission to go to campus and work. I was the only student in the building. I worked on the website and flow charts and wireframes and made friends with the guard.

Sunday night at 11pm I get an email from my teacher saying that all we need for tomorrow is doodles, rough sketches, ideas…
I did a lot more than that, but at least I could sleep easy.

This is some of it…. I have a lot of work to do
Today in class, my professor was lecturing a bit, and in the middle of his explanation of what our personas and scenarios should be, he looks up and says “monkey”, and then continues talking…
The class is slightly confused until we turn around and see a little monkey sitting right up against the window in the back of the room watching the lecture.
How ridiculous, to look outside and see a monkey hanging out.
We got yelled at a lot this weekend. In about 4 different languages, by about 4 different people. Not good, not good, but also not my fault. Oh well, hopefully everyone will get over it, its still very annoying that I am the middle person being constantly yelled at even though I was not involved in the issues. The people I used to like now just scare me. Umesh sent his dad over to yell at us, which I find silly, and the guard was not happy.
I worked 7 days a week today at the new campus 9-5 and then the rest of the night. I was thinking the other groups got this stuff done because they are in groups of 4 people and could divide the work. Turns out, its because what I was doing was not at all what was due. I got an email in the middle of the night saying that we simply need rough hand drawings and doodles…
Relieved and exhausted I did some drawings and went to bed. I had been working crazy on finished wireframes and user flows… and all we needed were very rough beginning ideas… I slept early, but there are bugs that buzz in both of my ears at night. I honestly feel like a crazy person. I can plug my ears and they are still in there. I was so exhausted and annoyed last night that I actually scrunched up tissues and put them in my ear (brad-like you would in your nose to stop it from running haha)- and it worked for awhile, one still buzzed… but then I just had dreams that I took the tissues out and they were super bloody.
I didn’t sleep well.
Rickshawed to school today because I needed to get to the internet and to work. He didn’t have change so I ended up paying him more than twice what he was already over charging me. It was 50 cents.
Coffee worked today! Thank god.
My class is taking me to the city for real Indian food tonight. I am very excited, it’s a huge event- or at least it sounds like it because everyone I see is talking about it.
Last night we had a dance party. Benny dances trance, emma and I tried to learn- we gave up fast.
Gokanna this weekend. We are skipping Monday and going to this beach town near the mountains? I have no idea but I hear its beautiful. So that will be really nice! A nice break from all this school.

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