jan 15, 2010

Yesterday-day off.
We went into the city to do some shopping. We really had to take care of a few things, all of which we did! It was exhausting but we got delicious coffee and tibetan food.

I woke up this morning around 7:30-normal- got up and dressed.
Breakfast was hopeful and disappointing. A chipati and curd… the chipati is delicious, but the curd?
I gave in and went home for bread and peanut butter. I feel like it’s a cop out, but i can’t eat curd every morning.

Today was great- starting after breakfast. I got to class, we split into groups and get sent away to do a newspaper spread about the annular eclipse that was happening today. I went into town with Anis to photograph and report. TOok an hour to get into the city, and the planetarium was PACKED. Hundreds of people, tons of press, and everyone was in the really silly looking glasses, which soon became part of my look as well. People were friendly and let me take their photos, but I got stopped multiple times to be on the news and to let people take pictures of me looking at the sky with the ridiculous glasses on my face…

There were these pin hole boxes that projected the eclipse against a piece of tracing paper. We later found out that the shade from the trees were producing the same effect all over the ground. It was incredible.
This was the line to look through one of the many telescopes.

So, I got to be reporter photographer and interview/photograph people. In doing so, however, I was also a highly sought after subject to be photographed and interviewed. Someone would get my attention from across the park and motion for me to put the glasses on and look at the sky… haha
We got corn from a street vendor and a popsicle- 10 rps
We talked to a man whose profession is a sky meditator… He had a lot to say. APPARENTLY if you are watching the eclipse and you are aware that the sun rays on the eclipse are effecting you, than you will gain wisdom because instead of only using the normal 3-5% of our brain cells, alllllll of them open up and absorb wisdom during the eclipse.
I apparently got a lot smarter. Good thing he told me, or else I would have just been there for the spectacle.
Also, apparently when the mood blocks out the sun melatonin is released in the brains of birds which tells them its dusk and they should fly home.
this length of an eclipse (11 min. 8 sec)  wont occur until year 3043! Saros 141
We stayed at the school finishing the spread until 8:30, went home for dinner. I got to hear a lot more terror stories about yelahanka which is always ensuring, but i some work done which was needed.

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