Jan 12, 2010

the cockroaches
my new walk to school… i walk through a pretty neighborhood, an apartment complex, down market road, down the road next to a trash dump- with wild buffalo if im lucky, past some smaller factories, more apartments (this picture), a school… more houses and tents… school!

the old campus-outdoor place for the elementary school kids to play.

I really want to play

I am pretty sure this is the faculty lounge, but we just go there for the free coffee and cookies… we assume they will tell us eventually

they washed our underwear and hung them all the way up our stairs

our front door- i really like our peep hole, although the first time the cleaning lady came, I went to the door and looked out, and her face was RIGHT in the little hole- which never happens- it was super startling.

emma gets stiches

the hospital. They made me and Mahima sit outside. You cant see it, but theres a cow hanging outside

the pharmacy

cow! in front of the hospital

some significant leaking going on

public transportation

lots of women

the ride into the city

public transport 2

commercial street

reebok- coming to yelahanka

my new way to school

roof of srishti

lots of solar panels going on over here

this was my old classroom for visual communication year three, now I am upstairs but it is more or less the same.

this is on my right, on my left is the burning trash piles
We may have a connection to go stay on a house boat for our three day weekend- which would be incredible, and we have finally met the girl who has moved into our house. Emma and I shaved our legs in a bucket last night, and I have been working lots on this website business, as well as reading Mcluhan- the media IS the message…
currently I am working on personas… for my website… making up people and aspirations and behaviors and feelings, coupled with their goals, what they want, who they want to be, how they want to feel… and how using my product will bridge that gap.
then we wireframe

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