Jan 9, 2009

Woke up SICK
and put peanut butter on a piece of bread
failed to make our instant coffee-haha
and got tea at Umesh’s
walked to class
to class to class
emma and I skped with mike for a bit, which was entertaining
and went to my studio class
which is a loooong discussion about business and how to get paid to do design
which is exactly what I need to know.
we missed lunch today- because class was just so engaging- so im going to stop at the market, and hope that the man with the coconuts and straws is still there!

fingers crossed.

the class went out to eat with our professors. We talked a lot, and they answered a lot of questions. It was a small place on the side of the road, but the food was good. We ordered pepsi which came in a bottle that looks like it had been lost in the 70’s in some warehouse and has magically now resurfaced… lots of character

I ended up going to Mahima’s for a very long time after class. Highlight: she made me BLACK starbucks coffee, both of which don’t exist here.

eventually we picked up everyone and went to the city- pebbles- which was great, super expensive for what we were expecting, but definitely worth it. Open air, huge party with crazy lights and dancing. Some of our professors were there… and a lot of the girls I had met before. We watched benny trance dance which was entertaining.

Eventually we left and road home via moped and car, we were locked out of our house and so we slept at Mahimas. Their house is incredible, so we hung out on the roof for a really long time and then an array of events and dancing took place before  eventual sleep.


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