jan 11, 2010

I have been sick the last few days and have not slept nearly as much as would be good. I think it is just the change in climate that has given me a cold and I know I should be drinking a lot more water. The last few days were fun and exhausting. It is hard to think about class and homework on the only day of the week without school. That’s not true. I am always thinking about class and schoolwork even on my day off, it is just much harder to make myself do the work. It is also hard to find a space at the neighbors house (internet) that is conducive to work.
 Otherwise, I have been doing a lot of sketches, I talked over my ideas with a few people, which is always helpful. This website class is great. I love the conversation and the teacher. Everyone is engaged. No one is on their laptop while we critique. People care about other projects and care enough to help, not just listen. It is a very supportive environment, and the class is only 20 people ish. Casual, conversation, the professor does not act above us in any sense. He sits with us and listens to us. I have a lot to do with my website business. I have tons of ideas, and need to work out the details and have it all make sense. I really want to start learning the coding- although im expecting it to be quite painful.
            There were things buzzing in both my ears last night and nothing I could do would make them go away. If I covered my ears, it was just louder, if I uncovered my ears it was still very distracting. It was hot. Benny hates the fan, but I am going to have to just turn it on if I want to sleep at all. The three of us are going to move our beds into the big room so it will be more cozy- hopefully… we will see.
            Food yesterday was great! We had bananas and toast (and fried eggs if you wanted). That was very exciting. Fresh fruit.


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