jan 10, 2010

woke up early and sat up on the roof with emma for many hours
eventually we went home and as soon as I had FINALLY gotten into the long awaited- slightly heated shower… I hear emma go “alyssa!?…. i need your help”…
 I poked my head out of the shower and asked what she was talking about, she opened her hand and it was covered in blood! gross
so I jumped out and played nurse, wrapped it up and applied lots of pressure and laughed for awhile. We went to her room- she had broken her window and now there was glass all over her bed. Lucky for us, a few minutes later Kris stopped by to say goodbye on her moped, Mahima and Benny were walking down the street.

Mahima, emma, and I went to the hospital and got her finger stitched up. That was an adventure, but they were all very nice. There were a ton of people in her room but they kicked us out. Cows wandered the street right outside, and a gecko played on the floor. Lots of children, but it was cool, and calm.

We were out within an hour and at a juice stand.

We then decided to go to the city- since we have no clothes. We took a bus and a rickshaw. The rickshaw was difficult, and when we finally got to commercial street more than an hour later, we all realized how exhausted and hot and hungry we were. We walked around a bit, stopped for some food, and went home- which was a really long way home. rickshaw and bus and waiting and walking and it makes you miss the luxury of a car-big time!


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