auto rickshaw to school- a bit crowded
my walk to school- although its usually insanely busy and loud. I walk on the side of the road with tons of traffic flying by, and hoards of saree-ed women walking together to work.
to school to school- once I say bye to emma and benny. I walk on the busy road, and pass a small bakery where students often go for coffee and snacks.
james gets a tile floor and a bucket to shower… we didnt realize how nice the floor and walls are until we went back to our house
this thing is responsible for heating some  water for showers… when we have water. But it turns out, when we dont have water, we simply have to turn on a motor and wait for 15 minutes, then it comes. 
from james’ roof
roof roof
this is our house. Lovely #97!
When we walk out the front door.

January 8, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Jay replied:

    Thanks for posting the photos so we get an idea of your lifestyle. I look forward to the postings from you. Good luck with the showers! Love Jay

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