Jan 08, 2010

Last night we ate at Auntie (whatever I try to spell here will be wrong, so we are sticking to auntie)’s house. The food was incredible and people were talking to each other! Neither of these things generally happen at Umesh’s. She told as that one of the boys staying with her has 3 house boats around here (5 hours away) and that if we bat our eyelashes and ask nicely… than we can maybe go hang out on a houseboat for a few days…. which sounds incredible. Also, she was telling us there is a huge coffee plantation and they have homestays, so we could go stay there for a bit, too. We are trying to figuer out how to see India when we have 6 full days of class a week. ah

She is awesome, though, I go over there after class and sit and chat. She has a greyhound name BoBo, hes HUGE.

We sat on James roof for a long while, and mingled with his roommates, and eventually went back to our lonely, cold, empty “home”.

I fell asleep pretty fast, but was up all night sniffling, and again got up early to shower and such. I had a touch of hot water in my shower today. This is a nice change, I also got over my guilt and kept the water on the entire (4 min) shower time instead of turning it off to shampoo and such (as I was trained to do in Juarez haha).

New class today! Liberal Arts- old campus. We rickshawed to school- which will never get old… until we try to take one to the city and have to sit in traffic for hours.. but we got ripped off, which is normal- still worth the price we paid

Emma James Alben and I got coffee and longingly watched the little kids play soccer and basketball before splitting up for class. My class is related to media. We are learning about Marshall McLuhan and writing a paper… It’s interesting, but I am tired- and getting sick!

Again, surprised by the amount of discussion in class. People have things to say and they make their voices heard. Its great. Its loud.

As for tonight, sleep I hope! I have a lot to do with regards to this website.. I need to start sketching things out and making decisions. Tomorrow is studio… and I have no idea what that means! I think I am in a business class of sorts, no idea.

Today is also laundry day, which means… bad things considering I brought no clothes… we are hoping to buy some one of these days- soon!! I am being extremely hopeful that laundry won’t take more than today… although I am fairly positive I will be pleasantly disappointed.

Emmas room smells so bad.
We are attempting to move her bed into our room.


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