Jan 5, 2010

day two of classes

This class, although interesting, is like CFC and you know what? I have taken way too many credits, hours, and classes of cfc for anyone’s liking. I was glueing together trash I had picked up on the way home. The teacher is german and enthusiastic. The students are great, they have all been very welcoming and kind. We eat lunch and get coffee together, both are in quantities probably 1/5 of a small lunch and small coffee at home. We return to class to work- searching for a song about resistance…

After class James and I went back to his house and chatted with Auntie Sunja who is incredible. She has a greyhound which is about twice her size. She was asking about America and what foodstamps are and why we are all obsessed with sex, and credit cards. We had a really lovely chat. She is always upbeat and incredibly welcoming.

We returned to my house and hung with emma and benny for a bit before going to the market. We bought flowers and adaptors and fruit!!! Fruit that the man wrapped up in a ridiculous outfit, it was great. I constantly wish I had a camera even know I know I couldnt be snapping pictures. I need to start drawing with all the free time I have on my hands…ha

We had dinner and took naps which turned into sleep. A new girl moved in, but we didnt see much of her… I slept the best I have this entire trip, I even woke up an hour before the alarm rang.


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