Jan 3, 2010

            Today I showed Benny everything Umesh and his really cool dad had showed me. Locking the door, leaving the key, signing the form, and such. We napped, and Mahima called and said she could take me to the market, but she would be here in two minutes. I got up- out of my quit, peaceful, dark room and ran out the door into the sun. We drove a bit, and the girls in the front seats were telling me, “oh you need a jacket, you cant wear that shirt to the market, okay you walk this way, you act this way, talk this way…”. They looked at each other and asked if they should be dropping me there alone, and then I popped outa the car- into a bustling, hot, market. Mopeds and trucks zooming passed, honking like crazy to let the others know they are there. People hustling up and down the streets, places to go. Amazing carts of flowers, all colors, beautiful. Beautiful, the contrast between the saturated display and the cart that holds them.  


January 6, 2010. Uncategorized.

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