December 23, 2009

21st birthday

We have been in Chicago since the party, and having arrived home around 7 pm, Corey, Brad, and I relaxed in Holt with my dad. We ate dinner and watched Up before corey and I showered and got dressed to go out. Both my dad and brother stood in the hallway taking pictures before (and I cannot decide whether this is awesome or embarrassing) my dad drove us to the bar. We went to the Riv and to the Post, just hanging out for a bit with two really good old friends.
Our taxi driver home was going to be a father within the week. He also told us about ecstasy in Korea…
When we got home, we woke up my brother who came downstairs with us to chat for a long while. We sat by the fire talking about global warming and environmental issues before I started listening to music and getting super depressed about leaving the country in one week.
and at the same time, unbelievably excited!

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