December 19, 2009

I left Ann Arbor

classes-FINALLY done.

Papers- done
Smartsurface blogging-done (As of 4 minutes ago)
moving out of Mich House for good- done
laundry….getting there.

yesterday, after my last exam, I could not wipe the smile off my face the entire, freezing, windy, winter walk home. I looked around thinking to myself, I wont be back here until next fall… and I smiled. Not that I don’t love ann arbor, its just… I am going to India!

I walked home and packed. Packed up my room, and met up with Mike for dinner and such. We attempted to watch caddyshack and once again failed, but it was a really relaxing, fun night, which we both needed after a crazy week.

This morning, I walked to zingermans to pick up the gifts I had been planning out for my dad, and finished packing up my room at the coop. He soon came, and we loaded the car full (which means I have WAY too much stuff) and went home to celebrate hanukkah. This was really nice, we lit the candles, said the prayers, ate dinner, and sat by the fire together for many hours.

Later in the night we went to my moms for our annual holiday party. It was much smaller than usual, which I really appreciated.

It ended earlier this year, which was also okay because early the next morning we would be heading to Chicago.
It was great to see some high school teachers and parents of high school friends. I also got to catch up with some friends, which I really enjoyed!


December 19, 2009. study abroad, travel.

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